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Falcon Egypt was founded by Al-Nour Company for fiber glass and a group of international companies for trading and public supplies, which was founded in 2009 and specialized in water and sewage networks.
Falcon Egypt is accredited to the National Authority for drinking water and sanitation and projects of the Association of urban communities and various bodies and local units

About Falcon Egypt Factories, Exhibitions and Workshops:
Factory Qusina and located in the second industrial area - Qusina Menoufia next to the National Bank of Egypt
  It is built on an area of ​​500 square meters and consists of two floors.
-Ground floor:
The entrance has a 4 meter iron gate
   The façade is 7 meters wide x 15 meters long
  On the right is a 2-room run for 8.5 meters x 18 meters
On the left is a store of raw materials with an area of ​​4 m × 7 m
The factory consists of two pillars of reinforced concrete, built of brick and red
-First round:
The administration building consists of a management room and secretarial rooms with an area of ​​7 meters length x 4 meters width
   At the back there are 2 bathrooms with an internal iron staircase
   The administrative building is equipped with office furniture and fans
   There are also industrial security pipes with counters, where there are 13 fire extinguishers certified by 4 kb
   2 fire extinguishers certified 6 kg
   There is also a testing device for coverage approved by the National Authority for drinking water and sanitation
There is an area of ​​3000 meters divided into two parts
   - The first part and the area of ​​2000 meters is made of trusses and iron and it is necessary to form the works of stalls, boats, lanches, reservoirs, children's toys and       fountains.
   - The second part is the exhibition which is located on the main road on an area of ​​1000 meters to view all the company's products
     There are 35 meters of galvanized iron sheet and iron for administrative work.
     There is a workshop behind the exhibition of 1000 square meters
     The factory is made of cement and steel beams, which are manufactured in all kinds of sheets and fiber panels It has a management office, a warehouse for raw            materials, a mosque for workers and two toilets
-Third: The administrative headquarters of Falcon Egypt:
Which is located at 67 Main Street of the pyramid and an area of ​​about 250 meters and is located there
- Office of the Chairman of the Board
- Office of Financial Management
- Secretarial office
- Office sales manager
- 2 bathrooms
- Number 1 buffet
- There are 12 offices and 12 computers
- Board members:
- Mr. Ibrahim Al-Desouki (Chairman of the Board)
Mr. Khalid Hamouda (Managing Director)
Since the company was established in 2009, the company has been providing raw materials and materials such as polyester, roving, peroxide, panjamite, aerosol and other auxiliary materials for manufacturing. He also provided the tools and tools of all types and all the needs of fiberglass activity and manufacturing. He worked hard over 4 years To establish good relations with customers and suppliers through the processes, tenders and practices carried out by Falcon Egypt
- Offer the best prices.
- High quality of products.
- Delivery on time.
Where we became thanks to God and thanks to the efforts of the workers to manage the company and workers in the factory in the forefront and in the ranks of fiber glass companies
- The administrative and organizational structure of the company and the number of employees:
The administrative structure of Falcon Egypt Company
. Chairman of the Board of Directors and represented by Mr. Ibrahim Al-Souki
. Managing Director Mr. Khaled Hamouda
- There are administrative departments:
. Department of Financial Management
. Marketing & Sales
. Secretary Section
. Procurement Section
- Industrial divisions:
1 - Department of coverage
  2 - Department of kiosks
  3 - Section of lanes and boats
  4- Polyethylene tanks and fiberglass tanks
  5 - Section boards
  6- Security Section
7. Store of raw materials
8. Store products
9 - The structure of the company's workers is about 80 individuals divided between administrative departments and industrial sections

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